Catrice Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquer 02


Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquer 02


Iridescent holo and duo-chrome fishes that are out of this world! With the unique effects of the Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquer, conjuring-up the popular Trend Look on the nails is as easy as child’s play. Applied on top of the LuxChrome 2in1 Base & Top Coat, the hypnotising finish of the five fashionable shades really stands out! The combination of a long-lasting formula, iridescent shades with trendy holo or duo-chrome effects and a high-shine finish turn the galactic Spectra Light Effect Nail Lacquers into absolute must-haves!

น้ำยาทาเล็บผสานชิมเมอร์โฮโลกราฟฟิก มีให้เลือก 5 เฉดสี

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