Catrice Volume & Lift Brow Mascara Waterproof 010


มาสคาร่าเจลปัดคิ้วสีใส สูตรกันน้ำ ช่วยเซ็ทขนคิ้วให้เรียงเส้นสวยอยู่ทรงมากยิ่งขึ้น

หมวดหมู่ : สินค้าทั้งหมด


They're here to stay: Full, curved wow-brows round off every look, because they make your eyes look more alert and give your eye make-up the perfect frame and a strong expression. With the Volume & Lift Brow Mascara Waterproof, the brows receive a long-lasting and waterproof lifting effect just like in the beauty salon thanks to the waxy texture. The formula contains a natural care complex and comes in a total of four shades – a transparent version and three shades of brown, which can be used to accurately fill in small gaps in the brows.
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