Catrice Instant Glam Eyeshadow Palette 010


อายแชโดว์พาเลตต์เนื้อฝุ่นผสมผสานชิมเมอร์ มี 8 เฉดสี ในพาเลตต์เดียว มาพร้อมแปรงสำหรับแต่งตา


Party of Eight! Here come eight shimmering trend colours united in just one compact palette. Perfectly combined in four duo-eyeshadows, there are numerous combinations in various colour gradations to choose from. Soft pink shades, intensive berry tones as well as classic light and dark brown make all eyeshadow dreams come true and allow you to create different looks. The innovative applicator is aligned with the shape of the eye and has a tapered tip for professional, highly accurate eye make-up application in seconds.
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