Catrice Instant Dry Drops


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Catrice Instant Dry Drops

Not in the mood for long waits during your home manicure? Then the Instant Dry Drops are just the right thing. The drops shorten the drying time of nail polish to around 40 seconds.  it contains Vitamin E. Thanks to the integrated applicator, the dosage of the fast-drying drops is as easy as child's play.
  • How to use : Use to nail drops after painting the nails.
  • Net Weight/Volume : 8 ml
  • Shelf life since the manufacture date : 5 Year
  • Brand Owner : Germany
  • Made in : LUXEMBURGE
  • Registration Number : 10-2-6600005558

Caution: In terms of item color, it may be slightly different from each monitor display and specification. 

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